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Rate Guard is pleased to offer its partners the opportunity to increase profits thanks to audit of the foreign payment transactions. With our clients, we are primarily focusing on the optimization of regular currency exchange operations in which we are realizing savings already in the first month. Further steps are always suggested individually according to the needs of the given subject and our solutions also include tools such as orders or forwards. Until the end of the year we are carrying out a test transaction free. We are going to test your service provider.

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What we do

We act on your behalf arranging for the best possible exchange rate at any given moment,
thus netting you more out of your exchange.

Regular Exchange Operations (Spot)

If you buy or sell foreign currencies we follow the trends of the foreign currencies exchange market and with this objective view of it we provide you with a good basis for informed decisions that may affect your everyday business. When we assist you with getting the best possible exchange rates, it is not necessary for you to change your bank. We cooperate with many exchange offices that have accounts in all major banks in the Czech Republic. We minimalize the mark up on each transaction thanks to providing our clients with information about the foreign currency exchange markets in real time.


Would you like to know what you paid to your service provider for any given period? Thanks to our retroactive audit we put our clients at an advantage when they are negotitating new terms of their existing portfolio. We also carry out auditing on a progressive basis. Therefore you can test out your cooperation with RateGuard and know the truth.

Term Transactions

Secure your enterprise against exchange rate risks. Fix your margin for products that you make. Thanks to forwards you don’t have to follow the trends of exchange rates as you sell your products for a prefixed price for amounts equal to or exceeding 10 000 USD. The term of delivery could be as long as 1 year.

The automatic watching of currency rates (Order)

Thanks to currency exchange orders you can use your energy to other activities and you can leave the worries connected to the determination of the ideal for the actual exchange to us. We watch the market for 24 hours a day.

The lowering of fees for individual transactions

Do you know the total amount that you monthly pay in fees for activities on your account? Our clients do not have to pay for incoming payments anymore. We offer 3 Euro based payments free of charge per month. All other transactions cost only 20,60 CZK. Account administration is free of charge in 29 world currencies.

Exchange rate and financial strategies

We can set a long term strategy for you based on a detailed analysis of your business. This complex solution includes a large gamut of tools:

•Multi-currency account
•Precautions against business risks
•Optimalization of production
•Exposure of your brand
•Increasing of profit through new business opportunities

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